The simple pleasures 

so…..,it’s been many months since I’ve blogged. I blame it on the absence of anger. Like the tide going out, it just slowly slipped away and there I was, left standing among family and friends, happy and enjoying life. It was a tad unnerving to not be experiencing seething angst and needing to “blog” out my feelings. I actually had “nothing?” to say.  Well, the silence in my head was a welcome change, however when ones life almost literally falls apart, gathering and putting back all the pieces takes more time than I ever imagined.  Much like a skittish cat with its back arched in terror, I felt like I needed to be armed and prepped for the next disaster. It didn’t come. I was able to regain a little more focus on my job than I had in a long time, I was not only present for my kids but actually experienced enormous pleasure spending time with them and I even began a new relationship…….

Before I’m ready to blog about new guy, I must first elaborate on the fact that in these last few months, I have re-established a relationship with myself. Investing in my interests which happen to be travel, home design, reading (I can finally focus on reading more than the comment section on my Facebook posts…Yahoo!! I just finished reading my first novel in years!), shopping and of course…,dance! 

So, today I am celebrating the baby steps my life has taken, the simple pleasures. Great people, great places to visit ….and books!


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