987 654 432 likes…..

Dear facebook,
Even though we were separated for a short time, I have come back to you with mixed emotion. I want to thank you for allowing me to share some of the positive highlights of my life, the parts of life to celebrate. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to catch up with old friends and family and feel like I’m generally updated on their lives. I have to tell you though that because I cherish my privacy, what I choose to share doesn’t represent the whole picture of my life.  I haven’t confessed the hardships, struggles and heartaches, even though there have been many. Those times when I posted something sappy when I was really feeling empty thank you for not judging me. I really must admit though that I’ve been very angry at you many times when you have allowed the blatant lies, injustices and bullshit of others to exist. You know, the Ones who post how much they love their child as if they were the highlight of their life when You know that behind closed doors they actually neglect and treat them like shit. The ones, who post how blessed they are to have such wonderful family,parents or friends when You know it’s a ruse and decoy to gain more attention and admiration on Facebook. The Ones who posts how genuine, passionate and loving they are when behind the Seens they behave like satan reincarnate. They conveniently hide behind their fake smiles thinking you represent reality and no one is noticing their charade.  I was an enabler of ones like that for a short time I admit. I wanted to delete you forever But then I remembered not all of us are narcissistic abusers. Mang of us are all just searching for meaning and happiness, trying to stay positive by sharing triumph over struggle and all the goodness in their worlds. I’m sorry that I have not paid proper attention to what people have been eating, wearing, watching or listening to, I confess I was seeking a much deeper, sense of inspiring authenticity about life and I forgot your just facebook. I accept you for who you are and I forgive you for your limitations, and for at times being deceitful and shallow….carry on. 


Facebook user 


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