Surviving mommyhood. Chapter 1. And then there were more

Once upon a time, there was these two….


As you can see daughter 1 is thrilled to have a baby sister to share all the attention with. Daughter 1 is conservative, practical and responsible. Daughter 2 is a free spirit with a long list of demands. Along came a day where the idea of a baby boy was pondered. And so, blink blink, there I was pregnant again with baby 3…..but wait. On the way to the first ultrasound, I said to my husband “you know, I’d have four children if I didn’t have to be pregnant 4 times….” And wham! Let there be twins! Yes, we were granted our wish to complete the family with not one but two boys. 4 children in four years. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! Just for fun, Let’s throw into this mix, husband lands himself out of work 4 months before twins are set to arrive. My,we like our even numbers! So…..Three weeks after thing 1 and thing 2 are born, this double breast feeding cow and all her ducklings moved 6 hours north for husbands new job. No family, no friends, no familiarity, know what I mean?! The first year was a blur. I did not fit into “mommy and me” programs, playgroups or well..,,,anything! I was not concerned with homemade, gluten free, peanut free, cloth diaper, baby Einstein , Montessori, sippy cup vs bottle dialogue..COME ON!! I had to carry two infant Seats everywhere I went. I had four, four and under, moving in different directions. I was  in pure survival mode!! To say I felt sorry for myself would indicate I had time to think.

Many many chapters of fun and frustration followed over the years but what prompted me to write this blog was a picture I came upon of these two monkeys ….


And the memories I had suppressed came flooding back. Along with this note I found from thing 1 and thing 2’s kindergarten teacher….


This pretty much sums up my life in those early years with the fantastic 4. Stay tuned for many more flashbacks…

Disclaimer: no children were harmed in the making of these memories and are subject to varying degrees of perception.


7 thoughts on “Surviving mommyhood. Chapter 1. And then there were more

  1. That note made me snort-laugh. Hahaha. Bless your heart, 2 girls and then TWIN BOYS?! Wow. The fact that you lived to tell the tale makes you my hero.


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