Objectified electrified stupefied mortified horrified amplified rectified
-do it again repeat

Wanting loving lusting thrusting lying luring trying yearning learning crying spying denying
-do it again repeat

Helpful wistful wishful vengeful deceitful regretful forgetful thankful
-do it again repeat

Happy sappy loopy droopy grumpy lumpy frumpy
-do it again repeat

Masterbate exaggerate commiserate berate obliterate annihilate
-do it again repeat

Swirling twirling alluring touring grieving meaning leaving deceiving yelling expelling
-do it again repeat

Drive arrive thrive strive survive alive jive dive
-do it again repeat

Regret detest confess respect expect detect connect protect
-do it again repeat

Forgive live forgive live forgive
-do it again repeat


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