Super heroes

As part of my job I spend 20 minutes everyday offering support in the kindergarten room. I can honestly say it’s my favourite part of the day. Maybe it’s because I know I get to leave, but they are so adorable and say the most hilarious random things. I was passing by this little 4 year old the other day and he reached out and grabbed my arm. He looked me in the eye with this earnest look and said “I’m a super hero”. After he said it he held my stare long enough so I could absorb the importance of his words. So, I said “really? How cool! What are your super powers?”. He replied “I can jump over buildings, and I have laser eyes!”.

Just tonight I had a similar discovery about myself, and that is I have super power hearing AND super power mind control. Let me explain. My super hearing is such that it only detects criticisms and insults. My super power mind control works in conjunction with my hearing in that it magically makes compliments vanish into thin air so that the insults and criticisms can be that much more amplified..,,cool huh? Just wanted to share


2 thoughts on “Super heroes

  1. I think I sometimes have this super power as well, dammit!

    Rid yourself of these powers! Let’s find new ones… Like super hero mom that is fun and smart and sexy and can rapture anyone with their wit and candor?! Lol


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