Retribution-continued aftermath of an abusive break up

I couldn’t understand why it was bothering me so much that PP had happily moved on from me to Hefty Moron, after all, I prayed to be released from the nightmare of that relationship for a loooong time.  I was worried that it was a case of me not wanting him but not wanting anyone else to have him either and that made me feel selfish, until it occurred to me that the manner in which he moved on was his last attempt at abuse.  By this I mean that by deliberately demonstrating that he is capable of treating someone else respectfully with kindness, love and support is his way of alluding to the fact that I was either crazy or just not worthy enough for him to treat me this way. It was a deliberate action intended to make me feel as though I was easily replaced without a second thought and as if I never even existed.  This is just another example of the extent he will go to hurt others who he claimed to have loved. 

The great thing is is that today I sit in the knowledge that life serves its own form of retribution. The people he thinks he’s fooling are irrelevant. The ones who matter know all too well what kind of monster he is. The innocent ones who unknowingly walk into his life are either serving their own form of retribution or are about to get the biggest Shake up of their life. To those I say “good luck and God bless”


2 thoughts on “Retribution-continued aftermath of an abusive break up

  1. Excellent points! PP is a narcissist and abuser. It is his way of trying to keep control of you and his image. A narcissist can’t hide behind the image at all times… he certainly will reveal his true self soon enough. And we’ll be sitting back munching on popcorn enjoying the show… 😉


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