abuse – a poem

Bruised and scarred by many bad choices
Intuition ignored and all inner voices
Now I’m a shadow of something not whole
Self rejected, detested and emptied out soul

Defeated, depleted
Loveless, alone
There are days when I wish
I could just isolate at home

Travel and clothes and substance galore
Leaves me empty inside and longing for more
Feeling unravelled and partially present
Robs the people I care for and leaves them with resent

Even though I’m surrounded by laughter and glee
It’s the absence of love I know the world cannot see

Indifference is the killer of any type joy
I can do it my selfie and passionless toy
The vultures exist with their secretive scheme
To the world their a star but their not what they seem

The taunting with smiles and made up renditions
Makes me sick and repulsed by societies condition 

Honesty seems a tall order to ask

Who am I to question the convenient mask 
– anonymous

#abuse, #narcissism


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