More and better

Have you ever sat back and truly considered the magnitude of your own life and what makes any of us any more unique then the next?. Millions of people in towns, countries, cities, farms etc…all going through life at the same time experiencing similar, if not identical struggles, pursuits and hardships. We’re all trying to navigate through life the best that we can hoping to dodge the pitfalls and experience more of the joys as much as possible. I wonder if I’m the only one who’s considered that I’m just not as unique as I think I want to be, nor will I ever be. It sounds like a depressing thought, but is it? By today’s understanding, unique equals being a better version of yourself or having more than the next guy. And yet, even with that there is a never ending emptiness. Solutions include cosmetic surgery to perfect our flawed bodies, loans, high debts or overly stressful jobs so we can lavish ourselves with the finer things in life, only to find Someone has better breast implants, whiter teeth, better hair, fancier clothes, homes or faster cars. We replace each other and in a heart beat have a new “honey” or “baby” until the shine wears off on all the “new” and we’re feeling that empty, irritable and discontent familiar feeling again ….I sometimes feel like I’m living out the movie “Ground hog” day. Living the same day over and over except time exists in a vacuum and life actually is passing by.

Maybe, the answer isn’t about being “better” OR having “more”, making its about finding a deeper purpose in life. It’s no secret we are all aging and fight it as much as we want, youth is only appreciated as the last leaves begin to fall off the trees. In the end, what will it be that brings a sense of content completion? maybe, the answer about being unique is actually about making a difference by helping just one person or maybe even many. Im not just talking about the grande heroic acts of saving a life, housing a rescue dog, serving food to a homeless person or driving an addict to detox, I’m talking about a commitment to making the people around you feel special in a significant enough way that it impacts and shapes their life for the better. Maybe it’s your friend, daughter, neighbour or coworker or maybe it’s ALL of those people…..I think when I’ve surrendered to this thought and I’m past the notion of my aging body and the comparisons of my what haves of my peers around me, I will be able to sit back and think “ah, that’s what being unique is all about”.


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