Pin cushion

You know that saying we teach children “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”?, well, we were wrong. Words hurt and they can haunt a person for a lifetime. I realize that the saying was intended to invoke the power of choice and what we choose to allow ourselves to be affected by, however, I’m quite certain we can all recall a time when we were called something mean or hurtful for no apparent reason. For me, this was “pin cushion,” and yes, the once again infamous, PP authored this one. Out of the blue one day he called me this, and being dumbstruck i Asked him what exactly THAT meant. He said I was a pin cushion because Ive had a lot of pricks in me…..yes, you read that correctly….crafty aside, holy, how MEAN! (And not true by the way.)

I guess my message is….be responsible and selective with the words you choose. They represent who you are and they have the capacity to scar people….intentionally or not. Just Stay classy and let scum centre themselves out all on their own. .

'...and words can often hurt me.'


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