Sexting and reality

In the early days after my elusive break up, a convenient distraction happened upon me.

Here is A bit of the background that led to it. So, there was this amazing dreamy guy (artist) that I knew back in my university days. He had this beautiful girlfriend and together they were this dreamy couple that made love look like it was meant to be. A real version of Hugh grant and Julia Roberts in knotting hill. They were the envy of everyone, including me.

Fast forward to 20 years later. We became facebook friends a couple of years ago and would occasionally chat and catch up on life. Still gorgeous in an understated way and Now a successful world travelling artist and guest teacher at universities around the world, who most recently landed in my town for four months. Oh Ya, and single!! Our innocent chatting and occasional flirting took a turn to intense, steamy hot sexting. At first, I was totally into this thinking I deserved to have a little harmless, carefree fun. However, he then wanted to get together and fulfill some of the fantasies we had created….”YES PLEASE” was my first thought BUT, there was this little voice in the back of my mind yielding caution – even after I told it to “SHUT UP!” Several times. It wouldn’t. Grrrrrrrrr!

I reluctantly decided that while “sexting” added a little spice and thrilling flavour to an otherwise dull day, it awoken some feelings that were trying to heal. Feelings of being worthless, de-valued, degraded and objectified. I decided, the cost was too high on this adventure, so sexy artist or not, this girl is going for something more in life. I did not get this far to sell myself out now!
My message is….if no one gets hurt, sext away but Wear latex and by all means, pull out first 😉


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