Just when you think you’ve moved on…..

Well, here it is, my first official blog.  I have come to realize that the incessant dialogue that goes on in my head needs a way out and so here I write.

The last two years of my life have been nothing short of a blur with the loss of my parents within two months of each other while being fully engrossed in an abusive relationship that I recently-and finally ended! I will refer to this ex as “PP” because well, those are his initials and quite appropriately that’s what he is….an immature referral to a dick (sorry).  I thought I was relieved to be out and ready to move on until I recently discovered that his ridiculous public and fake persona on facebook found it necessary to post that he – how should I put this – got laid on New years, with a mutual friend (or so I thought).  I think what angers me is that I have refrained from negatively campaigning against this abusive monster and attempted to maintain some dignity and respect towards the break-up –  I even wished him happiness and wellness and yet he finds it necessary to seek sympathy and imply that I dulled his shine (what?????) on FACEBOOK -really?? and furthermore he has just “received the greatest gift from the universe”….ie. Sex.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  This man lives for approval and recognition and is a complete wolf in sheep clothes that has spent a lifetime playing the role of a passionate, big hearted artist that has been victimized by one woman after another…..he plays the part well – and the Oscar goes to PP!

I guess I should feel sorry for this new victim he will now torture with his narcissistic, abusive behaviors while systematically dismantling all of her self worth/self respect, and be grateful that I am free of him…….and yet, it still irks me



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